Our goals are:
1. To provide mental health services that will improve the level of communication and parenting skills to children and their     families.
2. To provide outpatient mental health intervention services that would prevent subsequent psychiatric hospitalizations to persons     who have been previously hospitalized as well as those who have never experienced any psychiatric hospitalization.
3. To provide case management/case coordination services to persons who have had two or more psychiatric hospitalizations,    persons who are currently hospitalized in state operated/community mental institutions, and those experiencing an acute    psychiatric condition.
4. To provide services aimed at eliminating family/domestic violence that will provide alternative methods to families in resolving    conflicts.
5. To provide substance abuse services in order to reduce alcoholism and drug abuse in the community.
6. To help reduce alcohol and substance abuse among youth via prevention programs.
7. To provide comprehensive outpatient and intensive outpatient alcohol and substance abuse treatment services.
8. To improve the psychosocial level of functioning of developmentally disabled persons through family support and psychosocial    day programs.
9. To provide emergency psychiatric screening and stabilization services.
10. To provide emergency housing for psychiatric consumers who are undomiciled in order to prevent their being unnecessarily    re-hospitalized.
11. To provide residential care services for chronically mentally ill persons within the community.
All services are provided utilizing strategies that minimize barriers, assure accessibility for physically challenged individuals, and enhance the integrity and dignity of the service recipients. These goals and the specific interventions are provided within a philosophy of community mental health that recognizes the importance of maintaining confidentiality, protects the privacy of consumer records, and safeguards consumer rights.

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